How to farm SEI token?



How to farm SEI?

Every block, 50 SEI tokens will be generated as rewards to the following Pools: ETH-SEI, ETH-TSD, ETH-ESD (coming soon) and ETH-DSD (coming soon). To farm SEI:

Step 1: Add Liquidity to one of the above Pools on Uniswap to get LPs token

Step 2: Stake your LPs token to SEI Farms

Step 3: Harvest your SEI rewards

What’s next?

Our plan is to support the Seigniorage Ecosystem, we will add more Pools to the Farm to support other Seigniorage projects soon, including VTD, SHARE, ZAIv2, etc.



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Seigniorage Finance

Seigniorage Finance

Seigniorage Finance is decentralized farm which utilizes Sushi Masterchef Mechanism to support Seigniorage Ecosystem.